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Horse Betting Guide: Different Horse Betting Bets

Singaporean horse-bettors have two options for betting on horse races and getting the right Singapore horse race odd. They can either use Singapore Pools or go through online horse betting websites. Because Singapore Pools offer fewer types of bets, betting on betting sites provides more choices for the bettors. Bettors must be familiar with the various bet types to enjoy betting Singapore horse racing.

Types of Horse Betting

Two types of horse betting are available: straight and exotic. Straight bets are the best for beginners. Straight chances are easy and affordable. You can pick one horse as the first, second, or both. To place a straight wager at most tracks, you must have a minimum of $2

Exotic wagers allow you to place multiple bets on different horses in one chance. They are more complicated than straight wagers and require more knowledge and skill in horse picking. Although more expensive, exotic bets can offer higher returns than straight ones.

Before placing a straight bet, you need to know what each means. It is an excellent way to start horse racing, even if you don’t feel adventurous or are unwilling to take on significant risks. A show bet will be more entertaining than a regular bet. Additionally, a winning wager can add excitement to your first experience at the track. You can use a horse racing guide to help you understand the terms to place the right bets.

A win bet can be considered the most popular, best, and easiest bet. The only thing that you can bet on is whether a horse finishes first. You will lose your bet if the horse you have placed a wager does not end in the first place. Straight bets provide the highest payouts but come with the highest risk.

In horse racing, you can also bet on the horses that will finish in a particular order. For example, you can place a winning bet on the horse with the first two finishers. Alternatively, you can bet on both horses and win the entire race. Usually, these types of bets require more accurate predictions than the Exacta bet, which pays out the same amount in both cases.

To know more information about horse betting, read this infographic from Junebet66. Visit their website to learn more.