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The first electromechanical roller games still offered the option of stopping the rollers yourself. This enabled some skilled players with a good eye and quick finger to crush appropriate winning combinations quite reliably and thus make reliable profits. The most famous example is “The Monarch” from Hamburg:. Above all, this player knew how to play the Mint machines in order to win a lot of money. That in itself wasn’t a fraud, however. In the 80s there was even a documentary in which the filmmakers accompanied and interviewed the monarch on his “tour” through Germany. However, this document was only published in consultation when the Mint machines were regularly replaced by newer machines.

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As a result, the idnsport machines were designed in such a way that you could only stop one roller by hand, and later not at all. Since the reels had already started and stopped electrically, a resourceful player came up with the idea of triggering the stop by means of an electromagnetic pulse. At the time, this was done with a stove lighter. This can be imagined as the small arc in an electric lighter, which generates the required magnetic field with the appropriate current. With this impulse the sensitive control of the rollers could be influenced. But the machine manufacturers have also upgraded in this direction. Today the systems are much better protected against all kinds of external influences.

Targeted manipulation of the software

Since there is hardly any electromechanical play equipment left and the protective mechanisms in this direction are very difficult to crack and at best with insider knowledge, the trend is clearly in the area of software manipulation. But first of all: you have to have very in-depth specialist knowledge or inside information. Standard chips, for example, which are also built into many other electronic devices, represent attack surfaces here. The behavior and possible weak points of these are known. However, you will usually only be able to take advantage of this if you know the structure and functionality of the remaining circuits.

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In a major coup in this direction, new software was installed on numerous machines, which had an impact on the distribution of profits. Of course, this did not go unnoticed and resulted in a major raid in which the suspects were arrested. How exactly this was done was not disclosed by the public prosecutor. However, two general scenarios are possible. Go for the slot idn play option now.

The First Would Be Software That Could Be Used To Officially “Update” The Devices.

Since this is not freely available, you would have to get it first. Either you have an insider at the manufacturer or you authorize the hardware of one of the employees. Then you have to analyze the software and find out how exactly it works. However, this is not a particularly big hurdle for experts. The software then still has to be adapted and is ready to be installed on real devices. How exactly the payouts are made at the machine can be programmed in advance. You could just increase the chances of winning and empty the machine. However, it is noticeable very quickly when certain machines only win.