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5 Different Variations of Rummy Games

One reason why rummy games are so popular amongst gamers is that it comes in a wide range of variations. Simply put, you won’t ever get tired of playing rummy games. Conversely, thinking that you have achieved everything in this gaming world just because you have mastered skills in one rummy game is a simple misconception.

There is more to learn in this gaming sphere. With that, this post has come up with the five most popular variations of rummy games. Amongst so many types of rummy games, you may choose to master your skills in the following games.

And if you wish to do so, here is a brief about these five different variations of rummy games. So, are you ready to get a deeper understanding on this front? If yes, let’s read through this post.

#1 Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is a type of 13-card rummy. This rummy game is considered the cross between Gin & 500 rummy. Over the years, it has become a popular rummy game amongst Indian players. This game follows the rules of making sequences and sets before opponents.

In short, 13 cards are dealt to every player initially. For the two-player game, 52 cards deck is a selection; for the six-player game, two decks comprising 52 cards are chosen and combined. Individuals who finish the sets will make a valid declaration to win their game.

#2 Deals Rummy

This particular gaming type is another 13-card rummy gaming variant. In this type, a fixed number of cards get dealt to every player. Players get a fixed amount of chips at the beginning of the online deals. At the end of every round, the ultimate winner wins chips from losing players, depending on the scores. At the rummy game’s end, the player with high chips count wins the rummy game.

#3 Points Rummy

Points rummy is a 13 cards variant where players can play for points upon deciding their rupee variant. Players only win the points in a rummy game if they get and declare the 0 scores. On the flip, the loser has to calculate the points’ remainder that is in the non-sets. The score will get added. As a result, the winner wins the cash depending on the total points of the opponents.

#4 Pool Rummy

It is quite similar to the deals rummy game. Here, players who are in the table pool-in money need to start the game. It forms the prize pool. Just like other variants, pool rummy gets players over different rounds. But the variation plays the game with the pre-decided points tally. The player who reaches the points tally will get eliminated. That shall continue until a player is left on a table. And he is declared the ultimate winner.

#5 Gin Rummy

The last variation on this list is the Gin rummy. This particular game is a 2-4-player game and is quite different to 13 Card rummy or 21 Card rummy. Players need to deal ten cards instead of 13. A key difference is the ‘A Card’ will be considered as the very 1st card and, followed by two & three

The player will win without having the complete set of cards in this type. If the point value is less than 10, the player must knock for a win.

So, these are the types of rummy games you can play. If you want to play rummy games online, you can download Rummy Club. The game is available for free. Get a chance to win real rewards by competing against real players online.